Gay and Bisexual Men Face Abuse, Prison in Uzbekistan

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(Berlin) – Men in Uzbekistan who engage in consensual same-sex sexual conduct face arbitrary detention, prosecution, and imprisonment as well as homophobia, threats, and extortion, Human Rights Watch said today. Uzbekistan should guarantee rights to personal security, privacy, and nondiscrimination by decriminalizing consensual sexual conduct between men.

Uzbekistan, a current member of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, has undertaken key human rights reforms since President Shavkat Mirziyoyev came to power in 2016, but the criminalization of same-sex sexual conduct remains a significant stain on Tashkent’s record. Article 120 of the current criminal code punishes consensual sexual conduct between men with up to three years in prison.

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32 Комментарии
  1. Antoine говорит

    omg those comments .. it’s fkn sad

    1. Dorky Dork говорит

      Sick 🥺 religion of peace 🤥

    2. ᛉDARTH ᛉ говорит


    3. Antoine говорит

      @Dorky Dork yea big BS

  2. Отабек Иброхимов говорит

    Кы́м о́во́з бе́рга́н бу́лса́ э́рка́к э́ма́сса́н ва́та́нфурущ кы́мса́! Мінг ла́ъна́т се́нга́!!! ХО́ЙЫ́Н!!!

  3. Muhammadrahim Kenjaboev говорит

    There’s no electricity and gas in remote villages. People live in hard condition especially in winter. HUMAN RIGHTS SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THIS PROBLEM. PLEASE POST VIDEOS ABOUT THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE LIVING IN VILLAGES IN UZBEKISTAN.

    1. Гачислав говорит

      But this is not human rights problem
      Electricity is more of a social economy problem

  4. kan kan говорит

    Ilfoslar vayl bo’lsin sanlaga #stoplgbt

    1. ᛉDARTH ᛉ говорит

      Long live Uzbekistan, Love from A Proud Homophobe

  5. Palma Channel говорит

    Why Deleted my Comments? LGBT Rights Watch?

  6. Гачислав говорит

    Все просто
    При отмене уголовное ответственности за лгбт движуху мы автоматически посрёмся со многими арабскими странами. Что очевидно не выгодно
    П.С. мораль не снимайте себя и своего партнера на видео. Кто так делает сам виноват во всем что с ним произошло

  7. redstinger говорит

    Qonundi mensimagan Ko’tlar. Ayb uzilarda. Uzbda Mumkin emas. Chegaradan chiqda. Bilgan B9qingni yi. Naxxuy.

    1. ᛉDARTH ᛉ говорит


  8. Турабек Азизов говорит

    Padarenga nalatllar

  9. DIAS UZ говорит

    Dislayk boskanlaga adduwi omad

  10. 3 3 говорит

    Usbekistan is a democracy and must be protected against islamophobes like the green nazi party.

  11. kan kan говорит

    Dislikeni bosip portlatip tashela bu it xoin human rights watch iflos

  12. software developer говорит

    I live in Uzbekistan. HBW do not even try to suggest such kind of thing to our government. Because In Uzbekistan people do not tolerate this dirt.

    1. jasmina odilova говорит

      never knew that people embracing their sexuality would be considered as “dirt”. just say that your a poor excuse of a human and go.

  13. Muhammadrahim Kenjaboev говорит

    Human rights should help people who live in Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea and etc.

  14. Palma Channel говорит

    LGBT Right Watch. Why did you make about Palastine. why are you biased? Aren’t Muslims Human for You? Do you take the side of LGBT people, But not do you say anything about Palestinian Muslims?

  15. kan kan говорит

    Dislikeni bosib portlatip tashela

  16. Abdulaziz Xalilov говорит

    Human rights watch get out of UZB

    1. ᛉDARTH ᛉ говорит


  17. Walking pathfinder говорит

    Homophobic attitudes are not uncommon in Italy either, because of many different reasons. The social service in Maniago (poastal code for Italy 33085) would be quite an example of public officer’s abuses against gay or other because of their sexual choices or orientation. The social service in Maniago is really badly run also by elderly women with a strong catholic background and facist parenthood. Some younger social assistance staff might still have a strong yet subdued or hidden despise against gay people, which they learned in the “caserma” system of the compulsory military service of the ’90s, when psychological tortures against single men of possible gay orientation were not rare. At the SSB Maniago psychological torture against young homosex or lesbians either sick or health is probably still a reality.
    Some of the social assistance staff and some of the hospital staff in the nearby interconnected ramshackle hospital might still be very dangerous and along with nuns of the convent in nearby Poffabro (poastal code 33080) might still like it very much to persecute and torture just some chosen people of “bad condition”. Nuns in Poffabro would have unauthorized access to hospital and other endroits for “benedictions” and with privilege option, thanks to mrs. Buset’s organizational prerogatives…
    Psychological torture might turn into phisical ailment.

  18. Dorky Dork говорит

    Meanwhile Lil Nas X on the top of charts in Uzbekistan 💅🏼

    1. Mehmet Akbay говорит

      No He is not

  19. Rex George Rodriguez говорит

    What about lesbians and bi women in this country? Do they get this kind of punishment too?

    1. Abdulaziz Juraev говорит

      Yes sexual intercourse with the same gender is strongly prohibited

    2. Rex George Rodriguez говорит

      @Abdulaziz Juraev oh that’s tough

  20. some nothing говорит


    1. ᛉDARTH ᛉ говорит


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